DSCF0001xAlong the Willingdon Beach Trail, the Forestry Heritage Society built the Second Beach Trestle to replace an unsafe culvert that crossed Wisk Creek, near Second Beach in 2002/2003.

The trestle bridge is reminiscent of the original railway bridge that crossed the trail.




DSCF0012Construction would block the trail for six weeks, so an alternate route was required.

During August, the BOMB Squad (Bloody Old Men's Brigade) constructed the by-pass, which remains as a permanent access to Second Beach.


 SBTCulvert1 SBTCulvert2The bridge as it was. The sand above the culvert had slumped to the point the crossing was unsafe for vehicles.




 SBTImpl3-1 Sep 5-8  

On the first weekend, four sets of three 12" metal pipe pilings that would form the foundation were driven into the bank. The culvert and surrounding fill were removed.

The 300 trail walkers began using the bypass trail built by the BOMB Squad.

The large shovel with pile driver attached drove in piles and removed the fill

The fill was dragged up to raise the grade five feet, back to the level of the original railway grade.

South side with 3 lower piles and one upper in place