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Minutes of the AGM held June 2020 (held electronically)


Minutes Sep 24, 2019  (back in the day when we met face to face..)

P 20180410 205708

AGM  April 9, 2019   Minutes and GOALS

 Regular Meeting  April 9, 2018    Minutes


2018 2nd meeting Sep 12, 7 pm ; historical museum admin bldg 


 Minutes of meeting Sep 12, 2018

Minutes of   the April 10, 2018 Annual General Meeting


meeting may10 2016past items

 , 7 pm;historical musem admin bldg 

Minutes of meeting July 18

P 20170425 190042Minutes of meeting April 25

Approved Goals 2017/18

Next Meeting: April 25, 2017 , 7 pm; historical musem admin bldgP1010345 

Agenda for Apr 25  Agenda .pdf

Minutes of AGM held March 21.  Minutes of regular meetng held March 21

general meeting: March 21, 2017  7 pm,  PR Museum Admin bldg

 AGM agenda   Regular Meeting agenda

draft Minutes of meeting held November 8, 2016


Minutes of meeting held Tuesday Sep 6, 2016

Minutes of meeting  held Tuesday May 10,  2016

 March 1 AGM minutes

March 1 regular meeting (followed the AGM)

Eleven Directors Elected 

  • President: DaveFlorence
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Geoff Stubbs
  • Railroad Director : Dan Parsons
  • Trail Director : Mike Lister
  •  Events Director: Hans Maurer 
  • Directors at Large: Bob Johnson; Chet Fee; Doug Lott; Phil Kemp; Rob Clark; Stephen James        

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AGM held Tuesday March 1,  2016, 7 pm, PR Museum Admin bldg

Regular meeting Sep 29 minutes-

 Aug 11, 2015 minutes

June 2 meeting minutes here

(click for report postponing the Apr 28 meeting)

AGM Minutes Mar 10, 2015

General Meeting Mar 10, 2015   Revised Goals for 2015/16  

AGM Mar 1Highlights from the AGM and regular meeting held March 10: 

Number of Directors set to 10. Elected:President, Dave Florence; Secretary, Geoff Stubbs; Treasurer,Hans Maurer; Director Railroad, Dan Parsons; Director Trail, Mike Lister, Directors at Large: Chet Fee, Doug Lott, Bob Johnson, Stephen James, Phil Kemp. 

Forestry Museum: PRHMA plans to change the entrance to include a gift shop

Anderson Collection Repatriation: Bert Finnamore will call a meeting soon on a Sunday for the repatriation planning.

Trail: Rotten planks on the Donkey replaced by Mike Lister and Hans Maurer.

Railroad: projects on schedule for reopening every Sunday beginning April 25.

Outdoor Recreational Users Group: Dave Hodgins updated the meeting on the Millennium Park trail upgrades. PRFHS agreed with his recommendation to join the ORUG Society.

Minutes of Jan 13, 2015 meeting    Agenda Mar 13 AGM and regular meeting   

Minutes of Oct 21, 2014 meeting

Minutes of Sep 9 meeting

Minutes of July 8 Meeting

Minutes of May 27 meeting

meeting minutes with Special Resolutions April 8, 2014

AGM minutes Mar 11, 2014 (Click)

Regular meeting Mar 11, 2014 minutes

Presidents Report for 2013

draft Goals for 2014

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President: DaveFlorence

Vice President: Doug Lott

Secretary: Geoff Stubbs

Treasurer: Chet Fee


Directors: Hans Maurer

                    Richard Parker

                    Mike Lister

                    Dan Parsons

                  Doug Lott