Index of historic organizations involved with the local forest:

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  • Tenure Holders: 
    • to 1960s: Bloedel, Stewart, Welch; Powell River Company, Macmillan Bloedel,  TimberWest;
    • 1960-2000: Weyerhauser
    • since 2000: Cascadia,
  • Forest management firms:  
  • Road Builders:  3 Leaf Contracting
  • Harvesting Contractors:  Triton Logging; Tymatt Contracting, D&D Logging; Malaspina Enterprises; Powell Daniels Contracting; Pacific Thining
  • Sylviculture, tree planting, brushing, windfirming:  
  • Trucking: 
  • Sawmills, Pulp and Paper, Log Sort: Catalyst;  
  • Value-added products: