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Drive By Lights Friday and Saturday, Dec 11 and 12  6 to 8 pm


RAILROAD:  With the COVID situation, Train rides will resume on Sundays when families are invited to use the play area during Farmers Markets, hopefully in 2021.

Willingdon Beach Trail: . We completed the fall cleanup in late November

The Railroad team continues to do maintenance on the train and track.

The AGM was held electronically this year; minutes are posted here

 drive by poster 2020


 santa poster 2019Santa Train Dec 6, 7   5 - 8 pm

- Rides by donation for Community through Salvation army

Train Rides Sunday every Sunday from April 26. 2020 until end September

12:30 - 2:30 pm,   $2 per ride








GhostTrain poster2019 11x8GHOST TRAIN  Oct 25/26

The PR Forestry Heritage Society thanks all the riding public and our fantastic volunteers; plus the Kiwanis Club, Rural Septic Service, Bonfire Brigade, PR Peak, PR Living, 95.7 Coast FM, and Credit /Union for another successful Ghost train.  See you at Santa Train Dec 6/7"


x   Train Rides Sunday every Sunday from April 28. 2019 until end September

12:30 - 2:30 pm,   $2 per ride

 Special days:

 Fathers day June 16 - Fathers Ride Free!

Sat - Sunday Sep 15-16,  Fall Fair - noon to 5 pm


 Proposed ByLaw and Constitution under the new Societies Act

AGM on April 10th, 2018, 7 pm at the PR Museum admin building.

Minutes of AGM held March 21, 2017.

Minutes of meeting Sep 12, 2017

Note:  the General Meeting scheduled for: February 13, 2018 , 7 pm;historical musem admin bldg


Railroad summer final ride  24 September  Sunday 12:30 - 2:30 pm

. Free Rides!!  

Annual Raffle!!  Our winner is Catherine Johnston of Powell River. read more here

Willingdon BeachTrail cleanup in October TBA

special meeting on Santa Train to be held in November

(Santa Train held early December...)

Minutes of meeting July 1

Sep 16/17  Fall Fair  - An extra train at the Railroad

Wednesday Sep 6,   0900 to noon     Work party on the Trestle

Weekend Aug 19, 20   Sea Lion Raffle tickets at our PRFHS kiosk and DRAW 4pm sunday

Approved Goals 2017/18

 Monday August 7 -  3:30  pm to 7:30 pm Mid Summers Night Feast -   An extra train at the Railroad

Weekend July 14 - 16  Logger Sports - Sea Lion Raffle tickets at our PRFHS kiosk

Saturday July 1 -  10:30 to 13:30  Both Days this Weekend!

WBTrail work party 

  • Wednesday June 14, 2017
  • 09:00  -  12:30;  ( meet at trail South gate 0900)
  • Projects include; ditch cleaning, culvert maintenace., brushing, and blowing debris off trail and trestle.
  • Trimmer and blower will be available but will need shovels, rakes and pruners.
  •  If you know you can or can't be there, please rsvp so we can have a rough estimate of resources


Weekend May 26 - 28  Lund Shellfish Festival - Sea Lion Raffle tickets at the Powell River Museums kiosk

Agenda for Apr 25  Agenda .pdf  

Minutes of AGM held March 21.  Minutes of regular meetng held March 21

 Railroad reopens April 30; then  every Sunday -  12:30 - 2:30 pm - 

Plans and Projects

Santa Train Dec 9 & 10  

A BIG THANK YOU to all the Santa Train volunteers; thank's to you the event was very successful !!!
Thanks to Hans Maurer and his team for making this happen.   Thanks to Phil Kemp for photos here


-------------past events--------------------
 Next Meeting: November 8, 7 pm; historical musem admin bldgP1010345 

Sunday September 11-  normal Sunday operation   Crew roster

Sep 17-18 - Fall fair.  noon to 5 pm both days

Sep 23-25 - Forest :History Association AGM hosted by PRFHS and PRHMA

Sep 6 at 7 pm  General meeting was held  at the Historical Museum
August 20-21 Booth at Arts Alive, Raffle Sales; Draw at 4 pm Sunday
Sunday Aug 21-  normal Sunday operation   Crew roster
Monday Aug 22     0900 at the park    Work Party ...... details here
Tuesday Aug 16     installed horse crossing and 20 ' track
Sunday Aug 14 0930 - Dave, Mike, Leif, Geoff installed  the weed guard
Sunday Aug 21-  normal Sunday operation   Crew roster
Tuesday Aug 9     no  workparty  
Monday August 1 - 4:30 - 7:30 pm -  BC Day "Midsummers night feast" Steam Train
July 15/16/17  Booth at Logger Sports, Raffle Sales (Davef)
Sunday July 10-  normal Sunday operation   
Tuesday July 12     1800   
July 12 - postponed to Sep 6 next General meeting at the Historical Museum 7 pm
July 14 .. delayed to July 21 at 9:00 am - painting work party for equipment on the trail
May 10 at 7 pm General meeting at the Historical Musuem
  • Minutes of March 1 General meeting 
  • Treasurers Report
  • Trail old business and new business
  • Railroad old business and new business
  • Anderson Collection (it's here!! Work plan will be discussed and opportunities for PRFHS participation revealed...) 
Saturday April 16 $ 30     0900  work parties
  • exchange the eight 3-4" posts for 2-3" at valley (or if none in town, put in the large ones with post hole digger); build cribs
  • sketch the track route and mark the elevation settings against the 50' posts to determine the % grade at various points
  • continue the Track expansion project:  
  • Test the loco on the track
  • paint the back of the new sign on McLeod Road
  • use Dan's tractor to move gravel being delivered Friday (Gloslee excavator not available); then hand dig/rake as needed
  • fire to clean up branches
Wednesday April 13 - 1900 hrs: Dan, Mike, Stephen, Bob and Tom met 
  • Re-installed the compressor, replaced the failed sensor switch (which also failed....) and fixed some plumbing leaks.
  • Returned the locomotive to the park
  • Tom Sparks welded connectors to 20 pieces of track rail, Dan continued drilling oval hold in remaining connectors

 Following tasks were done on the 9th by Mike, Hans, Dave, Lief and Geoff:

  • Remove debris and blow the track
  • Used the hand cars to test the track for level, and corrected track levelness
  • check tent and cars, signage, etc; be sure everything is ready to go
  • Applied  track cleaner where needed
  • Applied some grass seed where needed to help keep the salmonberries from returning 
  • erected the PRFHS sign on McLeod Road

Saturdays April 2   - Work on the track continues -

... we can use lots of hands with shovels and rakes tomorrow at 0900 to work on the grade; a wheelbarrow or two would be useful. Dan plans to pound in poles and use some of the stored tongue-groove 3”x5” wood to reduce the amount of gravel at the west end of the new rail-bed where it goes uphill to join the loop. (similar to the walls that hold up the gravel near the trestle in the loop). Hope to see you there.
  • P1010307Wednesday March 30 - major work on the trail continues    Photos here
  • Saturday Mar 26 - Railroad park 0900 hrs. Track expansion project:
  • Saturday Mar 12 - double location work party
    • Railroad 0900 hrs  ... after many cancellations due to weather, we'll go ahead with work that can be done if still wet:
      • ongoing cleanup of the area; will do a burn of smaller branches
      • stack the cut felled logs
      • walk the proposed track with a 100’ tape and stake/mark it at 50' intervals
      • measure the length/height of a possible trestle to join the north west corner of the existing 230’ loop
      • Dan will be there 0900 to 0950 hrs to set and begins tasks, but leave for the Steam Donkey for 1000 hrs
    • Steam Donkey 1000 hrs - if not raining
      • Mount the detached engine back on the frame
      • Dan bringing the tractor to lift/position the engine; will need various slings to help position the engine exactly
      • Tom Sparks bringing the bracket, drill, bits, taps and 1/2" bolts
      • Planning to do 3/8" pilot holes before drill/tapping the 1/2" holes
  •  Tuesday Mar 15 -Tuesday evening 1900 hrs work parties for the train resume -This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  click Project List

Donkey project photos here 


 AGM, was Tuesday March 1,  2016, 7 pm, PR Museum Admin bldg

Workparty Saturday Jan 16 0900 at the park. Tasks include:

- buck the felled alder trees into firewood lengths and stack it (bring chainsaw if you have one)
- ongoing cleanup of the area; will do a burn of smaller branches
- walk the proposed track with a 100’ tape and stake/mark it
- measure the length/height of a possible trestle to join the north west corner of the existing 230’ loop

past meeting: January 12, 2016, 7 pm, PR Museum Admin bldg

There was a work party on the WBT on Thurs Jan. 07/16.
We could use some more help with the following tasks;  Brush trimming;  blowing leaves off the trestle and trail ;  hand ditching/culvert cleaning, 
Plan to meet at the Willingdon beach campground trail entrance at 09:30 with a rake or shovel. 
For further info, call Mike Lister at 487-9391

 santa-posterDec 11-12 - 5-8 pm   Santa Train event 

  • Dec 7 at 1 pm Santa Train  workparty 
  • CANCELLED Nov 28 - 0900 at the Park - expansion workparty
  • Nov 21- 0900 at the Park - expansion workparty 
  • Oct 24 - 0900 at the Park - expansion workparty 


 Last Train Operation for the Season Sunday Sep 27, 12:30 to 2:30 pm  Crew roster

  • Rider appreciation day - FREE Rides for everyone 
  • Train Operation for the Public every Sunday 12:30 to 2:30 pm
  • Sep 19/20  a Fall afFair  noon to 3 pm Saturday and Sunday (reduced progam this year)


 Sunday August 16; 1:30 to 5 pm - Arts Alive in the Park  with Betty Wilson and Ron Hunter Raffle Draw was at 4 pm Sunday August 16; early bird winner Holly Coombs


  Sea Fair July 24, 25   We sold three books of tickets at our display in front of the Forestry Museum Friday evening and Saturday afternoon

  • Tuesday 7 pm July 21 - work party at the park. details here


PR Scouts, who help paint the WB Trail displays, had a bottle drive in June (to July 5). Details here  Help us by helping them!

  • Canada Day July 1  train operation 10:30 - 1:30  (3 hours); steam locomotive, regular locomotive, plus the hand cars! 
    • 09:45 to 2:15 (Train: Dan, Dave, Hans, MikeL, Rob, Doug ; Tickets: Carol, Jerry, + ? )
      • extras welcome mid-event in case its busy
    June 21 train operation (Train:  DaveF, MikeL, MikeH, Leif, Stephen , Tickets: Marg, + Jerry) Free Rides for Dads June 21!!
  • June 5, 1 pm   Railroad grass cutting work party (Hans, Rob, Mike; others welcome.)
  • June 6, 10:00 Painting work party with PR Scouts (Tina Bevins +5; Dave Florence, Leif Bjornson, Doug Lott and Geoff Stubbs)
    • meet at south gate to walk in at 10:00 am
    • Task: Paint part of boom boat: some white, red and black; ; part of yellow on Arch, finish lettering on Byers shovel, scrape some new item if time/people available
    • Will load Doug's truck at 0945 on Marine by the campground; Dave bringing caution signs, ladders, drop sheet, paint, brushes, trays, solvent, rags, gloves from Doug, scrapers
    • bring personal water and extra plastic containers from recycle - e.g.500-750 ml margarine, yogurt etc; extra scraper, gloves and rags welcome
  • June 6, 1 pm; Train rides for Thereoputic Riding (Steven, Hans and Mike;  others welcome.) 
  • June 7 train operation (Train: 2 Mikes, Hans, Bob, Stephen; others welcome; Tickets: Carol, Jerry)

 Sunday April 26 First railroad operation for 2015 at 12:30.  Setup at 10:00 (bringing the loco to the park)

Saturday April 18, 0900 to 1200 Railway work party 

  • some tasks:
    - Bring the hand cars, track levelling tools from Dan’s
    - walk the track, remove large weeds, clear twigs, blow leaves
    - Check the track for levelness using the hand cars and levels
    - cut the grass, weed the garden, check signage
    - test the railroad crossing lights, bell
    - test the loco and hand cars on the track
    - refresher on operating/safety procedures
    - identify any follow-on tasks for Tuesday evening April 21 or other workparties
    prep in advance
    - Hans to bring the blower
    - Brush/grass cutting tool available from Dan’s?
    - Gas for the loco
    - let me know any items i’ve forgotten


meeting of the PRFHS Tuesday held Jan 13, 7 pm at the PRHMA Admin Bldg click for Minutes of Oct 21 meeting

  • November 5 - WBTrail brushing and ditch clearing 9 am 
  • meeting of the PRFHS Tuesday Oct 21, 7 pm at the PRHMA Admin Bldg Minutes of Sep 9 meeting
  • Saturday Oct 18   9 am at Parsons' then the the Paradise Valley Railway park to review  possible train expansion routes and take the locomotive and wheelchair car to Parsons' shop for modifications over the winter
  • Sep 28  12:30 - 2:30           FREE Train rides at Paradise Exhibition Park
  • Sat-Sun Sep 20/21 noon to 5 pm    Fall Fair train rides - no visit from Burnaby club
  • Volunteer schedule (click)
  • Tuesday September 9,  7 pm        meeting of PRFHS; at PRHMA Admin BuildingMinutes of July 8 Meeting
  • Sunday Sep 7                     Forestry Museum open for the PAWS event at Willingdon Beach
  • Sunday Sep 7 -            10 am - workparty for the steamer bay at the park (prior to the regular operation at 12:30)
  • Sunday Aug 31,  4 pm -                  Forestry Museum potluck closing party (RSVP);  

  • Monday Aug 4, 4:30 - dusk           Midsummers Night Feast; Steam train operation

  • Saturday July 26   10:30               Float in the Sea Fair Parade

  • Friday - Sunday Jul 25-27               Tent/raffle tickets selling in front of the museum
  • Sea Fair float preparation. On Tuesday Jul 22, Dan, Hans, Mike and Dave: 
  • Mounted ties and 20' of rail on Dan's trailer
  • began decorating with canvas, mulch, logs

 At the work party Tuesday July 15, Dan, Mike Hans and Dave

    • cut the grass,
    • raised the track near the station about 2" and fully ballasted it;
    • ground down one bumpy connector,
    • added gravel to low spots near the tent and walkway
  • Tuesday July 8, 7-9 pm.       regular meeting           Minutes of May 27 meeting
  • Tuesday July 1,  10:30 - 2:30;       Steam train on Canada Day with the Farmers Market
  • Saturday June 28, 12:30-4:30       Museum open daily for the summer
  • Saturday June 7                           Farewell Dinner - Rudi an Zwaaij
  • May 31                                         Museum setup work party for the season
  • April 29 -                                       first day of train operation