WIW1619 June2013 (15) Washington Iron Works (WIW) Compound Geared Yarder  No. 1619- built circa 1909

We are pleased to have this Donkey to restore and place as an exhibit in the Paradise Exhibition Park. One possible location is to site the donkey in the woods next to our train, to commemorate that yarders such as this were used to clear Paradise Valley of trees for its current agricultural use.

The Steam Donkey became available in 2012, and we'd like to restore and display it in 2020. It is currently stored 1 km north of the Farmers Market near McLeod Road.

The 6' x 12' metal frame would be installed on a sled formed by two 33' logs, and would be painted black. Width would be about 9', height 12'.


 Siting  One location could be as shown here; near the exit gate. Other locations in the park may be equally good or better.












 Some Background


We re-attached the engine on March 12 photos here

Soon we'll build a sled for it, then do some welding repair, and move it to a new site yet to be selected.

  see the detailed project planning sheet here 

  Read the background on the steam donkey here  

photos here 

P5274145The Donkey was moved in May next to the sled-logs location 

bracketFeb 2016: Tom Sparks made a template of a bracket to mount the detached engine back on the frame.  photos here

We have the logs for the sled on the building site.  WFP donated the logs for the sled; Marta Trucking moved them to the build site; we have the 4 bolts.

Julian Welp has been contacted and invited to lead the chainsaw group to make the sled.

check the video below 

 click here for photos  







see the detailed project planning sheet here


WIW1619 June2013 (15)

Boiler/firebox cylinder is about 9 feet tall, 5 feet in diameter.

"Compound" has to do with the gearing of the drums; an extra gear to facilitate slower rotation for the main drum; permitting a large core (easier on the cables) with a fast rewind for the rewind drum.


more about compound gearing here 


WIW1619 June2013 (3)

from John: What is with the snazzy blue and silver paint job on #1619 anyway? df: Beats me, John - we're hoping for info on the yarder's history.






WIW1619 June2013 (5)


Crosshead guide is about 24" long.

10 1/2" stroke x 10 1/4" piston head diameter.

Exterior dimensions of the engine cylinder 15" long, plus 1" end caps.

more Yarder No. 1619 photos here

WIW1619 June2013 (12)We have the missing engine, ready to weld back on.

 Some Photos in the Gallery: