Powell River's Millennium Park is now part of the City's park system. It evolved from a proposal in 1999 to add 52 hectres (dark green) of Lot 450 to the existing city parkland (light green). The land west of the pole line (37 hectares) was purchased by the City in 2010 for $1.5m, and the trees purchased by the City in 2014 using $1.5m of Community Forest Society funds.  

Community volunteer groups will continue to support the City in the maintenance of the park. The PRFHS will continue to maintain the Willingingdon Beach Trail; while the BOMB SquadATV club and Powell River PAWS will help develop and improve other existing trails within the park. An opening event for the improvements in the upper park will be held May 28, 2016


Millennium Park Tree ownership resolved  

The peak reports that the City has purchased the trees in Millennium Park from Island timberlands (The City owns the land, but Island Timberland owned the trees, so had to be compensated to preserve Millennium Park) . Willingdon Beach Trail goes through Millennium Park Read the Peak report here



The 15 year project was achieved by a great deal of work and negociation by many people and organizations.

Current trails (downloaded Sep 2015) in Millennium Park, thanks to PR Cycling Association


Some links of interest provide the contribution of many participants