We got lots of leaves off the trail and ditches cleared on  Nov 2,   10  am to noon.
Thanks to Tom Sparks, Rob Clarke, Geoff Stubbs, Dave Florence, and Dan Parsons.


Trail workparties not reported 2016 - 2018

P1010337The ditch deepening and culvert installation project planned for March 29-30 2016 is complete.

Thanks to John Brownsell Backhoe for a deep discount on his services for the two days; and to the members who came out and did the work.

Special congratulations and thanks to Dave Hodgins, Mike Lister and Hans Maurer for putting together the plan (committee report Feb 2016); and executing it so well. Dave Hodgins contacted the Peak which resulted in this story - excellent coverage

  Photos here


MArch Maintenance:

Some details:

  • The plan for next week’s work on the WBTrail is firming up.

  • Meeting location: 0900 Tues and 0900 Wed at the WBTrail south gate (where campground meets the trail at the beach); Thursday work TBA

  • Bring: Hi-vis vest if you have one, gloves, water and a shovel and/or rake; ; Mike Lister bringing five extra Hi Viz vests.

  • If you can stay after noon, bring your own lunch.

  • Tasks: One person north and south of the excavator controlling foot/bike traffic or announcing trail closure until ....

    - two working with the excavator; one directing and both backfilling
    - others doing some hand-shovelling/raking in ditches that don’t need the excavator (ie, the normal ditch maintenance we do)

  • People so far: (Note: adjustments are welcome to ensure more in the afternoons. Will send an email update of the Wednesday/Thursday around 5 pm Tuesday/Wednesday evenings)

  • In charge: Mike Lister and Dave Hodgins

  • Tuesday 9 am - 1230: Mike Lister, Dave Hodgins, Hans Mauer, Mike Hodgins, Marg Hodgins (2 hours); Tom Sparks, Phil Kemp, Bill McKay, Dave Florence(to 1030), 

  • Tuesday 12:30 to 4 pm: not sure how many available to stay..

  • Wednesday 9 am to 1230: Mike Lister, Dave Hodgins, Hans Mauer, Mike Hodgins, Marg Hodgins (2 hours); Dave Florence, Stephen James (if not called to work)

  • Wednesday 12:30 to 4 pm: not sure how many available to stay..

  • Thursday 9 am to 1230: (If needed; to be decided Wednesday) Mike Lister, Dave Hodgins, Hans Mauer, Phil Kemp

  • Please check your email Tuesday evening for possible updates to the plan; and let me know any personnel change

Mike Lister, Hans Maurer, Chet Fee, Doug Lott and Dave Florence cleared ditches and other tasks on Jan 7 


trail cedar over logging archIn December, a large cedar fell above the logging arch. City Parks cleaned this one up; the elevated log is safe as-is for many years.


Unique Tree down Overnight Aug 29 we unfortunately  lost the "unique tree" during a windstorm. Thanks to Doug Lott and Mike Lister for taking care of it.... new name,    more photos here, including the stump...




 Unique Stump now......

P7154191Windfall July 15 About 100 yards south of the boom boat, an alder fell across the trail July 15; Mike Lister and Richard Parker cut it away.  Bill Mackay helped cleanup and removed the debris.  More photos here



Fall/Winter Trail groomingIMG 0273

 On November 15, Hans Maurer, Mike Lister and Dan Parsons cleared some ditches and blew leaves with the new leaf blower

Then on Saturday  December 28, Dave, Marg and Mike Hodgins cleared the brush along the trail from the north gate to the bridge.  Dave noted that two culverts are needed on that stretch.



 Bill Mackay and Chet Fee repaired the rotten post on the trestle on July 18. Richard Parker and Bill Mackay cleaned off the grafitti from the trestle earlier in July.

More repair photos here



A cedar was gently lowering itself onto the trail, to the point where the maintenance truck was having trouble getting underneath.. Bill McKay ad Richard Parker felled the tree, limbed it, bucked the log and stored it beside the trail ready for pick up.

more photos here