shed1 nov2019shed trim 2019Got the shed mezzanine storage up, and the red trim on the shed ends on 
Nov18; Dan, Davef, Geoff, bob, Rob


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Santa Train Dec 9 & 10  

A BIG THANK YOU to all the Santa Train volunteers; thank's to you the event was very successful !!!
Thanks to Hans Maurer and his team for making this happen.   Thanks to Phil Kemp for photos here

Short term || Ongoing || Long Term || completed since 2011

Short term  2016

  • complete 800'  track expansion including a trestle
    • screw in the top planks on the cribbing
    • Tunnel
      • buy and install
    • Add lumber to the metal track at the archery gate to protect rails when vehicles/horses cross.
      • ( treated wood from Valley; 1x6x12' in centre; two pieces 1x3x12' on sides; held to the wood ties with 2" treated deck screws)
  • Repair the waterwheel: calk the tank, replace the dual-pump plumbing (in hand by Mike Lister)
  • Tunnel 
  • make the tracks for the two steam bay trestles
  • get logs and make stakes for the flat car to make it available as a log car for Forestry Heritage displays,  
  • sides on the bridge in the loop
Steam Donkey - build the sled  more here

See the PVR Work parties page for the day-by-day progress on the track




mar 26

  • P1010277

See the Photo Story here on work done between October and March

Scott McLeod equipmentIn January Scott McLeod of Sanara Contracting donated his time and equipment to pull stumps of the danger trees felled. Thanks, Scott.

Shane Hawkins (Hawkins Construction) has expressed interest in building an 80' trestle which will reduce the amount of fill needed.


P5304149Two new switch stands were completed in May, one in the station and one at the loop. This provides the engineer a visual assurance on switch placement; and avoids the "kick it" technique we were using. Springs assure positive location; the kick method sometimes bounced the switch to the centre, causing derails. 



P9023824Steam Bay project

For visiting steam trains, we need an elevated track for the locomotoive to be warmed up prior to loading on the track.

Doug Lott built this trestle based on a Dan Parsons design. Track will be added on top and the bay installed inside the roped area for easy access to the loading lift.





 IMAG28932016 Locomotive Maintenance

Wednesday April 13 - 1900 hrs: Dan, Mike, Stephen, Bob and Tom met 
  • Re-installed the compressor, replaced the failed sensor switch and fixed some plumbing leaks.
  • Returned the locomotive to the park

on April 5, Dan, Mike and Dave brought the locomotive to Dan's shop.

  • The cone "hockey puck" rubber drive was replaced
  • The oil was checked, but was surprprisingly clean so was not changed
  • The compressor system was checked and a faulty pressure switch discovered; will be replaced April 12


   photos here in the gallery               PRPeak Video here  
Many thanks to Hans Maurer, the other dedicated Forestry Heritage members, and volunteers from 10 other non-profits who worked many hours to create this event, along with great media coverage by PRLivingPRPeak, and 95.7 coast radio

P1010046As an extension to our summer afternoon “Train Rides Sunday” program, the Forestry Heritage Society volunteers decided to follow the lead of many other miniature ride-on train clubs with a Christmas-theme event held in the dark. Co-ordinator Hans Maurer selected two evenings, December 11 and 12; and set the times at 5 to 8 pm.

We wanted this event to be entirely a charity-benefit, so we partnered with the Salvation Army; and set the all-evening ride fee as non-perishable food items or unwrapped toys. A Salvation Army kettle was also on hand. 

xmas train12Held in the dark, the Christmas lights guiding the route provided a very different experience compared to the regular afternoon summer program. Many people parked on-site, but others walked from McLeod Road.  Floodlights were up to aid parking, all run by generators donated by local rental outlets and volunteers.

P1010046Our first Santa Train was a big hit - undoubtably an annual event.

Sep 19/20 we had a great   a Fall afFair  noon to 3 pm Saturday and Sunday (reduced progam this year)

  • Rider appreciation day - FREE Rides for everyone 

fall fair

We are delighted when the local media provides coverage. Many thanks to John Mackenzie at Shaw Cable for this three minute backgrounder on the railroad. Click the youtube button to watch it full size on your screen   See other Shaw Powell River videos here

Here is an updated information summary

We intend to keep making interesting things to see along the route, and move towards forestry heritage displays.

Wonderful diaramas of farms by Lynda Parsons set out today, along with more animal silhouettes (moose, deer)



P6052241 The defining item for our environment is the railroad crossing sign and the garden.

Other items include the water wheel, the shed, dioramas of farms done by Linda Parsons.


Garden Railway of member Geoff Stubbs

Check out this garden railway video .

We hope to provide a garden scale track as part of our Paradise Valley Railroad display and invite G-Scale hobbyists such a  Geoff to bring their trains to run on i.

We've updated our operations and safety procedures.

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