IMAG28932016 Locomotive Maintenance

Wednesday April 13 - 1900 hrs: Dan, Mike, Stephen, Bob and Tom met 
  • Re-installed the compressor, replaced the failed sensor switch and fixed some plumbing leaks.
  • Returned the locomotive to the park

on April 5, Dan, Mike and Dave brought the locomotive to Dan's shop.

  • The cone "hockey puck" rubber drive was replaced
  • The oil was checked, but was surprprisingly clean so was not changed
  • The compressor system was checked and a faulty pressure switch discovered; will be replaced April 12



P2033980Stephen has led the 2015 Locomotive upgrade; note the new light and horn; now in Brass.

more loco project photos here

P2103988Dan and Mike have led the hand car project that will see us with two new hand cars for the 2015 season; four for weekly operations and six if we borrow two from Dan for special days. Stephen, Chet, Doug, Bob Johnson and Dave Florence participated.

More hand car photos here


Railroad projects

P6173444The Railroad team has been busy over the winter and spring.

  • The Wheelchair car frame is complete.
  • A shed extension to house the hydraulic lift is done
  • Modifications to the locomotive and caboose are complete
  • our third ride-a-stride car is done.

 more project photos here




DSCN0698-2006-CroppedIn 2011 we purchased a "get-started" package of rolling stock, all in "narrow gauge" size; ie about 3" to the foot. The extra size is safer and looks more impressive with people on board. It all required significant restoration, which was done at twice-monthly work parties over the winter-spring.See more photos here.

Nanaimo Package Acquisition - Dec 2011 -  After the PRFMS executive approved the purchase; Dan and his son Todd and went to Nanaimo Dec 10 to pick it up. It took them all day Saturday; equipment was in three locations, and the long pieces of rail had to be cut to 20' to get them in Lynda's horse van which conveniently was on the island needing a ride home. On Sunday Dec 11, the package was unloaded by Dan, Shaun Coburn and Bob Johnson at the Parson's ranch on McLeod Road. After looking the equipment over in detail, Dan reports that although on the surface the equipment looks rough, (requiring replacement of much of the wood, and sand-blasting and painting of metal parts); the underlying design and quality of the trucks, bearings etc are excellent. The earth-hauler red shown above has been converted into a caboose, and the aluminium earth hauler will become a ride-car