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mar 26

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See the Photo Story here on work done between October and March

Scott McLeod equipmentIn January Scott McLeod of Sanara Contracting donated his time and equipment to pull stumps of the danger trees felled. Thanks, Scott.

Shane Hawkins (Hawkins Construction) has expressed interest in building an 80' trestle which will reduce the amount of fill needed.


P5304149Two new switch stands were completed in May, one in the station and one at the loop. This provides the engineer a visual assurance on switch placement; and avoids the "kick it" technique we were using. Springs assure positive location; the kick method sometimes bounced the switch to the centre, causing derails. 



P9023824Steam Bay project

For visiting steam trains, we need an elevated track for the locomotoive to be warmed up prior to loading on the track.

Doug Lott built this trestle based on a Dan Parsons design. Track will be added on top and the bay installed inside the roped area for easy access to the loading lift.