Developing the PV Railroad has involved

  • Track. Fabricating and installing our 7.5" guage track made with 3/8"x1"x20' flat iron and home-made yellow cedar ties.
  • Rolling Stock. Buying and restoring some items; and building some  from scratch
  • Environment. Making interesting things to see along the route, and moving towards forestry heritage displays
  • Administration . Planning, safety procedures, tickets etc

track-diagram-2013Track  We have about 850' of track that consists of

  • a 220' loop,
  • a straight section with parallel tracks going through a shed ,
  • a third track through the shed for turning trains around and additional locked storage, and
  • a wye turnaround where we load and unload

The Photo gallery show many photos of the track.

Our track is home-made:

  • 20' lengths of 3/8" x 1" flat iron
  • 4" connectors welded on
  • 2"x2"x16" yellow cedar ties slotted at 7.5" guage to hold the flat iron.


Rolling Stock

P4123287We currently own and operate

  • a gas-engine locomotive, tender and caboose at about 3"=1' scale
  • three ride-a-stride cars; one of which converts to a log car
  • four hand cars, and
  • a wheelchair car

See stories of how we acquired, restored and built our rolling stock here

PA082778 Snapshot   5

Check out our upcoming plans here