Paradise Map2-PRRD-Annotated-96dpi800x600-xxThe Paradise Valley railway operated from 1911 to 1918 as BC's first Bloedel, Stewart & Welch Ltd. railway.

It went from Myrtle rocks north-west to Centennial at Myrtle Creek, then at a Y went south  and looped through the woods to the west of the golf course to gain altitude under a 2% grade.

It hooked up to what is now Paradise Valley road south of West Lake (Hammil Lake), and followed that right to Duncan Street, where is continued right down to what is now Ontaro Street.

A major sprur went up what is now McLeod Road past the Open Market with a total of 8.5 miles of track, and one spur going right over the current Miniature Railway.

In 1918 a large fire in Paradise Valley halted operations, and with the best wood gone, they bought the timber rights for the duck lake - haslam lake  operation of Straits Lumber Company.

 They kept the Myrtle Rocks terminus and re-routed the railway along hwy 101 to Duck Lake Road, then to Duck lake with many spurs.

After logging there until 1928, the equipment and operation moved to Vancouver Island.

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The BS&W One Spot locomotive is on display in Duncan.


bsw-mapThis faded map done by Golden Stanley in the early 1980s shows the 1910-18 route through Paradise Valley to westview, and the connection to the Duck Lake-Haslam operation from 1918 to 1928.

Thanks to PRHMA for saving and providing this map.