We are fortunate to have the assistance of John Taubeneck as we research donkeys in the    Powell River area, and similar donkeys in other locations. Learning about similar donkeys will assist us in restoring our donkey.
       The shop No. of this Washington Geared Yarder located on the Willingdon Beach Trail is 1960

June 26 .... Dave, Attached is a photo of a Washington compound geared yarder about ten years newer than yours.

It is in a park at Greenville, California. The cylinders are the same size as your donkey. ....John Taubeneck

June 22, 2013: Dave,     Thanks for the great information. I have nothing on your new donkey in particular but can give you some context. Washington Iron works advertised their first compound geared yarder (#1000) in October 1905. Machine #1000 had 10 1/2 X 10 1/4 cylinders as #1619 has but they were of an earlier pattern. I can't give an exact date for your donkey but #1556 was shipped August 12, 1908 and #1626 was shipped February 20, 1909. So it looks like #1619 was shipped from the factory late in 1908 or early in 1909. the last compound geared yarder built by Washington Iron Works was #3595 shipped July 16, 1923.
Here is a donkey just like yours 
(see left) setting along Mathers Creek at the old Kelley Logging Co. camp site on Louise Island, Haida Gwai.
      Attached is a list of donkey I know of abandoned along the BC coast. Feel free to pass it along to anyone who is interested.
 (df - click here) I have been thinking about putting together a paper on the compound geared yarders if you are interested I can send a copy when I am finished.\   John Taubeneck - 
df note: "Compound Geared Yarder" draft copy here from John

df: Note the smoke stack has rusted away and fallen onto the engine

From John: Another WIW Compound Yarder here

We have an offer to help with research which we will follow up.

We now know we have:  
Washington Iron Works Compound Geared Yarder No. 1619

more Yarder No. 1619 photos here

Greetings,      I see from your web site that you acquired a new steam donkey last year. From what It looks to be a Washington Iron Works compound geared yarder.  I would be most grateful for any information on it. 

I have a large collection of Washington Iron Works material and would be glad to share anything relevant to your donkey.
Thank you.  John Taubeneck