Anderson mill

All items we are repatriating from Burnaby; (the Sawmill, Steam Donkey and Ross Lumber Carrier) have arrived in Powell River, and are stored at Catalyst Paper.

PRFHS is assisting the project lead, PR Historical Museum, in the next planning steps.

Some PRFHS and PRHMA members visited the stored equipment June 8; photos here

Stephen James share two links that help visualize presentation possiblities:

    more photos here     Research Notes

P1010344In April 2016, while landscaping the improved logger sports site next to the Forestry Museum, the Logger Sports volunteers unearthed a railroad tie plate. About 15" long, it was probably used in a railroad track switch. It features a 7" wear plate for the switch points, pressed or hammered out from the flat iron stock (this was way before welding). It held very light rail: only 3 1/2" at the base, indicating about 50 lb/yard rail.

It could have come from the nearby Michigan Landing railroad log dump that operated from 1910 to 1918, or from some other local location when fill was brought in to build the original logger sports site.

The artifact will be turned over to the Forestry Museum.

Clearly we haven't found "the last spike" as surmised here. We found one while digging culverts in late March.

More photos here.

P1010275After an 11 year absence, Logger Sports are happening again July 16-17, 2016

Their facebook page has the latest information (click)

view our logger sports photos here

The amphitheatre seats will be a wonderful legacy from Logger Sports 2016. It will reverse the viewing angle from previous events by 180 degrees; the ocean will now be the backdrop.

IMAG2934P1010270The Donkey arrived a few years ago, and we're restoring it in 2016.

We re-attached the engine on March 12 photos here

Soon we'll build a sled for it, then do some welding repair, and move it to a new site yet to be selected.

  see the detailed project planning sheet here 

  Read the background on the steam donkey here  

photos here