• Years:    July 12, 1911-1951 (left Powell River 1928)
  • Activity:  logging and railway at Myrtle Point, Paradise Valley and later Haslam Lake
  • People:    Bellingham lumberman Julius Bloedel; and two railway builders, Patrick Welch and John Stewart.


They leased logging rights on 10,000 acres (4046 hectares) of prime timber at Myrtle Point for $100,000, and logged under the direction of Sidney Smith, the logging superintendent..

4000 hectares is an area 8km by 5km. If you look at the map of their railway on the right you can see a possible leased area: from Myrtle Rocks up Paradise Valley, north of McLeod Road, through to Edgehill and down into the heart of Westview. (click for larger view)

Paradise Map2-PRRD-Annotated-96dpi800x600-xx They constructed Camp 1 at Myrtle Rocks, and Camp 2 where the creek from Hammil (West) Lake crosses Padgett Road.

They operated in Paradise Valley and westview from 1911-1918 using several logging locomotives.

In 1918 a large fire in Paradise Valley halted operations, and with the best wood gone, they bought the timber rights for the duck lake - haslam lake  operation of Straits Lumber Company.

They kept the Myrtle Rocks terminus and re-routed the railway along hwy 101 to Duck Lake Road, then to Duck lake with many spurs.

After logging there until 1928, the equipment and operation moved to Vancover Island