index of current industry 

Powell River has many dedicated and effective firms in the forest sector that provide a signifcant economic contribution to our community while maintaining a balance with non-timber values such as recreation and protection of watersheds, old growth trees, biodiversity, and wildlife.

But many residents have little information about these companies and exactly what they do in the forests now and in previous decades.

This website is an attempt to celebrate the firms involved by showing connections between tenure holders, prime contractors, sub-contractors and the forest they work in.

We invite the firms involved to provide or correct the text we have posted so far, add photos and details that describe their part in the industry.

We'd like you to share the information you would like to see preserved as part of Powell River's Forestry Heritage.

From Tenure holders we'd like: dates of involvement in Powell River, tenure maps, forest stewardship summaries, main contractors you work with, cubic meters harvested etc

From Harvest, Road Builder and Trucking contractors we'd like dates of involvement in Powell River, names and photos of main equipments and people, partner firms, forest areas you work in, cubic meters harvested or hauled, kms of road built or maintained, etc

From Management and Silvaculture firms we'd like: dates of involvement in Powell River, your activities, partner firms, forest areas you work in, etc

Index of current organizations involved with the local forest: note : click links  for details. 

Tenure Holders: Western Forest Products; Thichum Forest Products; BC Timber Sales;  Island Timberlands; Powell River Community Forest; Timberline Resources (Westlake Woodlands); TimberWest;

Harvesting Contractors: Tla'Amin Lake Contracting LP; Granet Lake Logging;  Southview Forest Services; Tilt Contracting; Sywash Logging; Ocean View Helicopters; RH Barbour Logging; Triton Logging; Tymatt Contracting

Road Builders: Pilldolla Creek Contracting;  Granet Lake Logging; T&R Contracting; Select Sand and Gravel; Lang Bay Aggregate;

Forest management firms: Results Based Management Group; Stonecroft Project Engineering

Sylviculture, tree planting, brushing, windfirming: Ocean View HelicoptersAdept Vegetation Management; Out on a Limb Forestry Inc (windfirming)

Trucking: Marta Trucking; Kip Brown Trucking; A Byrne Trucking

Sawmills, Pulp and Paper, Log Sort: CatalystOlympic Log Sort; Goat Lake Forest ProductsPowell River Forest Products

Other Value-added productsTheton

Defunct: D&D Logging; Malaspina Enterprises; Powell Daniels Contracting; Pacific Thining; 3-Leaf contracting

others: Drosdovech Forestry Ltd. Drosdovech Logging; Prime Length Timber Ltd.; CedarDrift Sculptures ;R&A Bourassa logging;