MtDiadem-LoisLU Lois Landscape Unit is one  of Powell River's back-forest treasures:

  • Recreation values for ecotourism and community families
    • remarkable scenry such as Mt Diadem to the right more photos here
    • hiking - the Eastern third of the Sunshine Coast Trail
    • canoeing - Eastern half of the Powell River Canoe Route
    • camping, angling, hunting, ATV recreation, ski touring, snowshoeing, backpacking and mountaineering
  • Forest protection and preservation
    • balanced biodiversity through silvaculture choices
    • Wildlife - strategies in place to protect Identified Wildlife: Grizzly bear, mountain goats, marbled murrelet, and the Northern Goshawk
    • Significant Old-Growth forest and Wildlife Tree Patches protected
    • details in the BC Ministry Lois Landscape Unit Plan 
  • Economic values
  • Maps (scroll down below)
    • Lois Landscape Unit
    • Sunshine Coast Trail and Canoe Route
    • WFP Access Road Map
  • Heritage values
    • Site of the historic Stillwater Railroad
    • 1941-42 Consciencious  Objector camp between Nanton and Lewis Lakes; another one by Gordon Pashas Lakes (Lambert, rusty nails...)