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  1. Periodicals

    1. Powell River Peak  has a good search capability for forest-related stories
    2. PR Living
      1. Ferns and Fallers 2014 wonderful annual supplement to PR Living in June
      2. Ferns and Fallers 2015 "
    3. Forest History Association Newsletter
    4. Truck Loggers Association "BC Logger"
    5. Forestnet several forest magazines including Logging and sawmill journal, Timberwest, the Edge (research). Archives back to 1996
      1. history of coastal industry consolidation page 44
    6. Canadian Woodbusiness, Cdn Forest industries
    7. Harbourspeil did a nice story on Sladey Timber pg 14 - logging in Jervis Inlet
    8. Forestry News - the Working Forest Newspaper Search "powell river"


  1. Books

    1. Reference books by Bill Thompson are published by the PR Heritage Research Association. (Available at the P.R.. Historical Museum for about $25. each)
      1. Powell River Mill Story, 
      2. Boats, Bucksaws and Blisters, 1990;
      3. Texada, 1997;
      4. Once upon a Stump, 1998. (copies in the P.R.. Library)
    2. By Karen Southern
      1. Townsite House Histories and Heritage (3 volumes)
      2. Powell River's Railway Era - Ken Bradley and Karen Southern
      3. earlier: Historic Railways of the Powell River Area by R. Ken Bradley; BC Railway Heritage Association, 1982. (two copies in the P.R.. Library, 385.09711)
      4. Pulp Paper and People, 75 years of Powell River, Karen Southern, Peggy Bird, PR Heritage Research Association., 1988. PR Library 971.113 Sou (Also a 50 years version; both are reference books in the P.R.. library)
      5. The Nelson Island Story 1987
    3. by Barbara Ann Lambert 
      1. War Brides and Roses: Stillwater and Powell River 
      2. Rusty nails and ration books (2002)
      3. Powell River 100 
      4. Old Time Stories
    4. by Emma Levez
      1. People of the White City: Stories from the Powell River Mill
      2. Off the Beaten Path: Discovering Powell River and the Upper Sunshine Coast (2005)
      3. A Dream of Giants: The Story of the Sunshine Coast Trail 2011
    5.  Mysterious Powell Lake, a collection of historical tales, Carla Mobley, Hancock House, 1984, PR Library 971.133 Mob
    6. Pitlamping Through Conscription, 1916-1923, Golden Stanley, 1985 (973.113 Sta in PR Library).
    7. The Sunshine Coast Trail by Eagle Walz, available at the tourist bureau.a step-by-step description of the trails
    8. That Went By Fast: My First Hundred Years  By Frank White
    9. Working in the Woods by Ken Druska (PR library 634.98Dru) Harbour Publishing 1992. Excellent photos and writing.
    10. Logging by Rail, the British Columbia Story, by Robert D. Turner; Sono Nis Press, 1990. (in the P.R.. Library, 385.54 Tur)
    11. Woodsmen of the West, by M.A. Grainger. Original in 1908; reprinted several times, including 1994 with afterword by Peter Murray, Horstal and Schubart Publishers Ltd, Victoria. Classic novel and photos about logging by hand and steam in the 1905 era in Knight Inlet based on personal experience. Grainger went on to draft B.C.'s Forest Act.
    12. Now You're Logging, by Bud Griffiths
    13. The book by Richard A Rajala Clearcutting the Pacific Rain Forest: production, science and regulation (UBC Press, 1998) won the Charles A Weyerhaeuser Award and is very accurate book, good for research. (in P.R. Library; donated by Forestry Museum)
    14. TIMBER, History of the forest industry in B.C., by G.W. Taylor, JJ Douglas Ltd., 1975
    15. Spillsbury's Coast, Howard White, Jim Spillsbury, Harbour Publishing, 1987. Available at the PR Library 971.113. Includes stories about logging on Savary Island and Homfray Channel 1905 - 1920
    16. IN SEARCH OF STEAM DONKEYS by Merv Johnson is dedicated to the history of these machines and logging in the days of steam, particularly in the Pacific Northwest. Third printing, hard-bound is $54.95US plus $3.50 postage. Contact TIMBER TIMES at: 1-800-821-8652. See more details at Camp2