kelly-spruceName: Kelly Spruce Ltd

  • Years:  
  • Activity: Sawmill  
    • Owned by Powell River Co. Ltd
  • Powell River building
    • Peak report in the Working Forest Newspaper May 2015 "The deteriorating building is now off limits to the public because it is hazardous.
      There are many people in this community with fond memories of the Kelley Spruce operation and there are concerns the Kelley Spruce complex will have to be torn down because it is hazardous in its current state.
      The foreshore on which Kelley Spruce sits would make an ideal site for a log dump if the building was torn down. One of the reasons why Tla’amin (Sliammon) Nation entered into an agreement with Catalyst Paper Corporation and City of Powell River to create the PRSC (Powell River – Sliammon – Catalyst) Limited Partnership was to situate a log dump adjacent to the millpond."