sunshine-coast-trail-pr-canoe-route-mapThe sustainable forest integrated management system we enjoy in the Powell River forest ensures a reasonable balance between economic needs and non-timber values of the forest including protection of some old growth forests, fish and wildlife habitat, biodiversity, visual quality, and terrain stability.

Our Sunshine coast trail and Canoe Route can be seen on this map (click for larger view)

Recreation groups of interest

Outdoor Recreational User Group (ORUG), an umbrella organization that co-ordinates activity on the trails in the area.

 bring back loggers sportsLogger Sports

Thanks to a public campaign championed by PRLiving in PR Living Ferns and Fallers, Bob Marquis is planning to bring Logger Sports back, perhaps in 2016.

Here is video footage of a previous logger sports. 


The Sunshine coast trail  was conceived in 1992 when a handful of outdoor enthusiasts realized that there was a vanishing amount of accessible old growth left on the Upper Sunshine Coast. They formed the Powell River Parks and Wilderness Society PR PAWS, a registered non-profit charitable society to set aside protected areas linked by corridors, as well as beginning work on the 180 km trail connecting the old growth from Saltery Bay to Sarah Point.  it is Canada's longest hut-to-hut hiking trail.

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