another of Powell River's backcountry forest treasures 

  • Malaspina Peninsula, with Lund, Malaspina  Provincial Park, access to Okeover Arm, and Copelands Marine Park
  • :Gifford Peninsula, which is part of Desolation Sound Provincial Marine park 
  • Sliammon Lake watershed, including the Bunster Hills, with significant old growth protected areas as well as logging
  • Theodosia watershed, with significant historic and current logging
  • west side of Powell Lake up to the Olsen Valley

Recreation values for ecotourism and community families

    • hiking - the Western third of the Sunshine Coast Trail on the Malaspina Peninsula from Sarah Point to the townsite. 15 km is through the provincial park and more through the newTla'amin lands (Treaty final 2016)
    • camping, angling, hunting, ATV recreation, ski touring, snowshoeing, backpacking and mountaineering

Forest protection and preservation

    • Wildlife - strategies in place to protect Identified Wildlife: Grizzly bear, mountain goats, marbled murrelet, and the Northern Goshawk
    • Significant Old-Growth forest (green on the map) and Wildlife Tree Patches protected
    • the 2000 Bunster Landscape Unit Plan offsite is outdated

Economic values

    • 2009 Timber Supply Area Block 23 (3600 ha) north of Olsen Lake/Theodosia River (managed by BC Timber Sales) website map
    • Treaty Settlement Private land (6000 ha) of Tla'amin Nation
    • Woodlot and portion of the Tla'amin Community Forest

Historic values

Theodosia, Powell Lake and Eastern Railroad (TPL&E)

Sliammon-Wildwood Railroad (1902-04) 

 Maps (scroll down below)

The Tla'amin Nation as of April 2016 owns much more Bunster land, about 8000 ha in total.

more detailed BC Gov't maps of the treaty land website





 The Sliammon Lake watershed is over 4000 ha, and contains significant old growth protected areas.






watershed study fraserbasin website

  •  14000 ha
  • Prepared for: Theodosia Stewardship Roundtable
  • Prepared by: Living Rivers - Georgia Basin/Vancouver Island

  •  Author: Patrick Little

  • related video (below)

2012 Peak report on the study

Thichum Forest Products is the tenure holder for the Tla'amin Community Forest.

The Bunster Hills block is about half of the 28,000 m3 tenure; the other half in the Haslam watershed, around the top and west side of Haslam Lake














Video Theodosia stewardship roundtable