powell-daniels-scenefrom the 2002 LUplan

"The Powell - Daniels LU is entirely within Tree Farm License 39.   It contains a wide range of significant natural resource values and features including complex river floodplains, wetland complexes, massive rock bluffs, alpine meadows, avalanche tracks, and active glaciers. ..... Situated at the head of Powell Lake, the Powell - Daniels LU is quite remote, though limited backcountry recreation activity, including rock-climbing and mountaineering, occurs in this area."

Forest protection and preservation

  • Wildlife - strategies in place to protect Identified Wildlife: Grizzly bear, mountain goats, marbled murrelet, and the Northern Goshawk
  • Significant Old-Growth forest and Wildlife Tree Patches protected
  • details in the BC Ministry 2002  Powell Daniels Landscape Unit Plan


Economic values



WFP Access Road Map

Heritage values

Question: How much old growth in the Landscape Unit Plan for Powell Daniels area? Answer: 1600 hectares in old growth out of actual 11,500 hectares total.