Skid RoadGPashaLake1930The objective of this Forestry Heritage section is to help preserve, educate and advance the public awareness of the colourful heritage of Powell River's forest.   

SunshineCoastLAndscape UnitsAroundPowellRiverWe begin by defining our forest, looking at our landscapes and watersheds; some Forestry management processes and forest recreation opportunities.

Next are sections describing various eras in our history, from the pre-contact era through early logging, the Steam Donkey era, the railroad logging era, early truck logging through to the modern day logging.

We follow with an annotated listing of the local forest industry organizations, both current and historic 

Next is a short introduction to the Powell River Forestry  Museum, and finally  listing of References.

The style and methodology:

  • A wikipedia-style approach
  • Record facts and stories about current and historic forest industry companies by
    • researching existing web-based material, summarising selected material and provide links to the original sources, provided by PRFHS volunteers
    • encouraging contributions from serving and retired members of the local forest-related firms
  •  Website management: The PRFHS uses the Joomla! content management system. Volunteers wishing to particiate at the techncal level are welcome
  • Linked material: this website relies heavily on links found using google, and can in some ways be thought of as an annotated search engine for Powell River-related forestry topics. We assume if an organization makes its material findable with Google; it is satisfied to have that material in the public space. We attribute sources by external-linking to the source in a new window and in most cases mentioning the source in the text. If this practice is contrary to the policies of the linked source, please advise the PRFHS webmaster and we will deal with it.
  • Funding: the effort will be volunteer-driven, but if funding is provided, some research work will contracted, with preference of contracts to forestry or history students interested in local forestry heritage.