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  • Comments: manages forestry matters for the Klahoose Development Corporation.


Forestry 036

  • Years: 2007 - present  
  • Activity: Harvesting Contractor - 50% partnership with Goat Lake Forest Products; harvesting arm of Thichum Forest Products.  
    • Sliammon Community Forest;  
    • Sliammon Woodlot 3000 m3
    • a Forest Licence 
    • Powell River Community Forest -- Cutblock H216 in 2015;
  • Major Equipment:

Links: Thichum Forest Products






  • Years:  ... - present 

  • Activity: 
    • 2007    WR08TCC017 BC Timber Sales contract  WASTE & RESIDUE SURVEYS, 
  • People: Dave Lechner
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  • WestlakeWoodlandsRelated Names: Timberline Resources Ltd, Westlake Woodlands, G.D.F Ventures Ltd, Tideline Services Ltd
  • Years: .... - present 
  • Activity: Tenure holder   
    • woodlot licences 0029 and 1671; 1000 hectares crown; 244 ha. private
  • Activity: Harvest Contractor; Custom Milling; Land Clearing; Selective Logging 
    • Services: pre-poling ~ land clearing ~ road building; small scale forest management; stump to dump logging
    • Sales cedar ~ fir ~ alder ~ saw logs; float and breakwater logs; firewood ~ custom milling
    • 2014-2015 logging PRCF block H214 2012 - 2014; poling block 120
  • Major Equipment:
  • People: Owned by Ron and Doug Fuller
    • October 2015 - Ron and Doug received Coast and BC award for Innovation and Excellence in Woodlot Management ministry press release
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  • Years: ... - present  
  • Activity: Harvest Contractor
    • Contractor for PR Community Forest
      • fall 2015 - logging cutblock H208 located along the Green Road
  • People: owner: Doug Fuller












  • Years:  1973 - present  
  • Activity: fish hatchery, tanks, processing, and development of containment tanks
  •  bought in 2013 by Agri Marine
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 located in the Lois Landscape unit


  •   SawfishYears:  2000 - present  
  • Activity: Underwater Harvesting Specialist 
  • Activity: Harvesting Contractor; doing development/testing in Powell River   
  • Links:    http://www.tritonlogging.com/  

 located in the Lois Landscape unit

Comments: maintains a barge on Lois Lake for future develpment testing; last active here in 2005. 
                  Logging and Sawmill Journal published this story in 2004 (click)



Triton Logging Inc., based in Sannichton, BC is a world class underwater harvesting specialist that did its development testing in Lois Lake circa 2003. It operates globally, with no current north american operations due to market pricing.

Sawfish: a tethered, electric-over-hydraulic, remote-operated vehicle that’s the size of a minivan, with a 55 in. chainsaw to harvest trees 328 ft. below the surface. Because waterlogged wood does not float, the Sawfish attaches and inflates air bags that lift the cut logs to the surface for collection.

SHARC: a barge-based harvester for shallow depths.   Learn more at  http://www.tritonlogging.com/ or watch the Youtube video below.

 ...from the Peak article in 2010:   "Powell River is Triton’s operations and technology development centre, said Hayhurst. The company mostly uses Lois Lake as a testing area, he added, and it remains important to Triton because it is such an accessible reservoir. “Most of our activities this coming year will be focused on Ghana, but we’ll continue to develop and test our equipment in Powell River.” Triton has a barge near Lois Lake Dam.

Logging and Sawmill Journal published this story in 2004 (click)


PRCF 2014 Development Map

  •  Name: Macmillan Bloedel 
  • Years:    in Powell River 1959 - 1999
    • 1951 (merged with Bloedel Stewart)
    • 1959 Macmillan Bloedel and Powell River Ltd
    • 1967 Macmillan Bloedel renowned reverse takeover
    • 1999 sold to Weyerhaueser
  • Activity:  full phase logging processing manufacturing etc
  • People:  

Links:  wikipedia 

In 1951 Bloedel, Stewart and Welch merged with H.R. MacMillan to form MacMillan Bloedel Limited. The two companies had timber holdings side-by-side and there was a natural synergy from this merger. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MacMillan_Bloedel



  • Name: D&D Logging
  • Years:     defunct?
  • Activity:  
  • Major Equipment
  • People:  Darren Brown 


 D&D Logging


 Prior to their involvement with D & D, Rothwell and Randle were both working at A Byrne Trucking, owned by Rothwell’s father-in-law, Andy Byrne. The three men—Rothwell, Rangle and Byrne—bought D & D in 1988. 

2005 “With the work we do, we fall, we process, we dryland sort, we boom, we build everything,” says Rothwell. “We’re a small company, but we’ve got enough equipment to do all that we need to do.” Today, the D & D equipment line-up includes a Madill 122 grapple yarder, two Cat front end loaders, a 4300 Link-Belt log loader, four excavators (two 3400 Link-Belts, a 290 Link-Belt and a John Deere 2554), and a Link-Belt 3400 High Walker with a 750 LogMax processor in addition to the new Madill/LogMax combo, and a variety of low bed and gravel truck equipment.



  • kip brown truckName: Kip Brown Trucking
  • Years:    1964 to present
  • Activity: Trucking Contractor  
  • Major Equipment:
  • People:  Kip Brown and family



sources: http://forestnet.com/archives/Dec_Jan_06/bc_contractor_profile.htm



  •  Name: Malaspina Enterprises
  • Years:     defunct?
  • Activity: Trucking Contractor  , full phase logging and processing
  • People:  Darren Brown