• Years: 2007 - present  (former name Tla’Amin Timber Products Ltd.)
  • Activity: Tenure Holder - manages forestry matters for the Tla'amin Nation through the  Sliammon Development Corporation SDC Website.
    • 2007 Sliammon Community Forest; 
      • 8,064 hectares, with a timber harvest land base of 4,936 ha; in two parts; Bunster Hills and Haslam Lake map
      • AAC 28,000 m3 ;  

        6,797 hectares near the Bunster Range, 2,274 hectares near the north end of Haslam Lake, and a small block, 16.5 hectares, near Duck Lake prpeak article

    • Sliammon Woodlot 1672  AAC  3000 m3
    • a Forest Licence AAC 22,000 m3

 Links:  Thichum Forest Products website  

  • from agreement The Tla’amin Nation will receive a total of 78,000 cubic metres of annual allowable cut, which includes 28,000 cubic metres per year under BC timber sales. In addition, the Tla’amin Nation will receive $350,000 to acquire additional annual cut on a willing seller – willing buyer basis from private tenure holders.
    • peak article 2007 describes the portions of CFA 3Kp that are in the Bunster Hills and Haslam LU "The long-term forest tenure would incorporate the community forest, Woodlot 1672, and a one-time volume of 50,000 cubic metres in the Bunster Hills. There's another 22,000 cubic metres, in an area yet to be identified, to come out of Block 1 of TFL 39. Tla'Amin is working on an agreement with Western Forest Products on this volume, said Williams. "Those negotiations have only just gotten underway," he said."


 view of Woodlot 1672 plus community forest K3P. Treaty land connects the remainder of the Bunster Hills  see more maps in the Bunster Landscape