The Powell River Forestry Heritage Society (PRFHS) was renamed in 2014 from the PR Forestry Museum Society, formed in1986.  

It is a non-profit society dedicated to the education, preservation and public awareness of the colourful forestry heritage of the Powell River area.

Terminology we use: 

  • Forestry is “ the science and practice of managing and caring for forests:  balancing industry, cultural, and recreational uses;
  • History: “information about the past”
  • Heritage: “Those things including information from the past which are valued enough today to save for future generations”


DSCF0013The Society maintains the historic Willingdon Beach Trail and logging machinery displays along the trail for the enjoyment of the public.

This wheelchair-accessible 1.2km flat trail was a railway grade from 1910-1918. Interpretation signs point out the flora, fauna and other items of interest.

Trailhead: park near the Forestry Museum (4815 Marine Avenue); walk to the beach and go north through the campground.

ParadiseParkForestryRailroad-275The PRFMS also operates the miniature, ridable Paradise Valley Railroad at Paradise Exhibition Park.

The 800' of 7.5" guage track supports rolling stock at about 1/5 scale including a gas locomotive, tender, 3 ride-a-stride cars, a wheelchair car, and a caboose. About 100 people ride the train each Sunday from May to September; plus special shows with steam trains on July 1, BC Day (first Monday August), and Fall Fair (third weekend September).

museum front

 We continue to support, but no longer own the Forestry Museum which is located at Willingdon Beach, 4815 Marine Ave, Powell River.

  To gain efficiences, after the 2014 season, the Society turned over ownership and operation of the Forestry Museum to the Powell River Historical Museum and Archives (PRHMA), located across the street.

 We hope that one day Powell River will have a museum that combines the current assets of both museums, plus expansions to include more First Nations material, natural history, and other functions found in modern museums; and we will support PRHMA as they develop that vision.   

 The Forestry Museum is open during the summer on a regular basis. (noon to 4 p.m. daily beginning in May).  

 From September to June they are open by appointment for groups or researchers with special interests. School and bus tours are welcome.

PR Heritage Society:  If you wish, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (updates 2-5 per month)    membership application/donation form

 please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about membership, becoming a friend or sponsor, activities, or other matters.

Details on the work we do can be read on our document  Approved Goals 2017/18

Proposed ByLaw and Constitution under the new Societies Act

Constitution: (Certificate of Incorporation Number S-0020958 5th day of February, 1986)

 The name of the Society is "Powell River Forestry Heritage Society"

 The purpose of the Society is: 

(a) to preserve and advance the heritage of the forestry industry of Powell River and District, 
(b) to acquire, restore and maintain forestry equipment for the Willingdon Beach Trail, 
(c) to develop and operate a model, ridable railroad at Paradise Exhibition Park
(d) to support the forestry collections of local museums

 The bylaws of the Society are those set out in Schedule B of the Society Act.

The officers of the PRFHS elected at the AGM in March 2017 are:

  • President                  Dave Florence 
  • Vice President Administration (& Secretary/Treasurer)  Geoff Stubbs
  • Vice President (Railroad)      Dan Parsons
  • Vice President (Trail)           Mike Lister
  • Director Special Events    Hans Maurer
  • Directors at large   Nikita Johnson, Stephen James, Bob Johnson, Phil Kemp, Rob Clark