--- PRFHS Update as of April 25------

Paradise Valley Railroad
- Our first operating day is Sunday April 26; continuing every Sunday 12:30 – 2:30
- Winter projects are completed: two new Handcars, and upgrades to various rolling stock
- We are awaiting completion of Paradise Exhibition Park management decisions before our major projects can begin
- some near-term projects 
- – DC pump for the waterwheel, 
- - solar panel for charging in the shed; 
- - Switch levers/indicators
- details are on the website, see Dan Parsons for questions or suggestions

Willingdon Beach Trail
- we will call one or more work-parties in May to
- - power-wash the boom-boat, and perhaps power-wash one other item for painting;
- - select the item for PR Scouts to paint
- - move the cedar logs downed last year either offsite for lumber or stored for possible anti-slough bank-building
- - review interpretive signs and decide to update or move if needed
- - review the previous safety inspection report and update
- details on the website, see Mike Lister for questions or suggestions

Steam Donkey WIW #1619. We plan to:
- proceed with the sled construction in June
- disconnect the boiler and move both to Spreeuw property when lift equipment is available
- details on the website, see Doug Lott for Sled information and Dan Parsons for frame/boiler questions or suggestions

Anderson Collection (PRHMA project)
- the decision to move the collection to Powell river is affirmative
- Bert Finnamore accompanied by PRFHS member plan to visit to Burnaby to assess the lift/transport details
- see Bert Finnamore for questions or suggestions