1928 Willingdon Beach opens, with the Bath House (changing huts) moved down from near the present Trestle on WBTrail.

1948  Present Forestry Museum building built by the Powell River Company 

1958  Municipality takes over operation of the beach. 

1986  The Powell River Museum Society (PRFMS) forms:

  • founding membersJack McCuish, Bill Finn, Andy Culos, Bill Tuba and Ken Gordon.
  • members create and maintain the displays and artifacts preserved in the Forestry Museum building at Willingdon Beach.
  • members maintain the Willingdon Beach Trail and its logging artifacts

2001 Steam Donkey moved to the trail

2003  Trestle built on the trail

2011  members   create, operate and maintain the Paradise Valley Railroad at Paradise Exhibition Park.

2014 The Powell River  Museum Society (PRFHS):forms as a name change to the PRFMS:

  • Forestry Museum building consolidated with the PR Historical Museum foresty collection, with the assets now ownd and managed by the Historical Museum, with support and encouragement ffrom the PRFHS ,
  • PRFHS members continue to maintain the historic Willingdon Beach Trail and artifacts placed along the trail
  • PRFHS members continue to operated the Paradise Valley Railroad.