2019 "Thank You" Updates:

GHOST TRAIN  Oct 25/26 

The PR Forestry Heritage Society thanks all the riding public and our fantastic volunteers; plus the Kiwanis Club, Rural Septic Service, Bonfire Brigade, PR Peak, PR Living, 95.7 Coast FM, and Credit /Union for another successful Ghost train.  
Shed Construction 2019 and Station Gazebo 2018
We salute Master Carpenter Dave Banks, who led a group of volunteers to complete two infrastructure projects.


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Lois Lumber donated cedar planks for maintenance on the trail


 t&rT&R has kindly continued their support to PRFHS this year by deeply discounting the gravel and sand we use on the Railroad expansion project - a gold level contribution over many years. 


  • Special shout out to  Cottage Creek Bakeshop.  Since 2011 owner Janet Lyon has often donated delicious baked goods to volunteer train crews on Sundays at the farmers market. 

 Cottage Creek 2


See the full list of Friends and Sponsors below.

Long term  Friends and Sponsors 



over $3,000 donated 

  • Western Forest Products  
  • Robert G. Lacey  
  • Gerri Parsons  


over $1,000 donated over many years

  • T&R Contracting  
  • Select Sand-Gravel 
    Kiwanis Club of Powell River  
  • Quality Parts  
  • Royal Canadian Legion  
  • Valley Bldg Supplies  
  • BC Fallers Ltd; City Transfer Ltd; 

SilverIconover $300 donated over many years

  • PR office (Sunshine Coast District) of the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Forest Operations  
  • John Brownsell Backhoe  
  • Marta Trucking  
  • Powell River Living  
  • The Peak  
  • Gloslee Excavating  
  • Tug Ghum Gallery - Debra Bevaart & Dan Spragg  
  • Adams Concrete; DaveFormosa Holdings; Olympic Log Sort; PR Community.Foundation; R&A Bourassa logging; Read English Sawmill; Tilt Contracting; West Coast Ind. Maintenance

Bronzeover $100 donated over many years

    • Lois Lumber
    • A&W Restaurant  
    Cottage Creek Bakeshop  
  • Scott McLeod Sanara Contracting  
    Coast FM 95.7  
  • Relay Rentals  
  • Bob Marquis Contracting and Welper's Tree Services  
  • Wick's Fire Safety  
  • BC Society Model Engineers; Brian Kukulies; Groundworks; Lordco Parts; Pacific Amb Seafoods; PR Forest Products; R&L Enterprises; ScotiaBank; Springtime Garden Centre; Stewart Systems Inc; Stonecraft Engineering

FriendsImage 2 over $25 or volunteer time donated in the past year

    Farmers Market, PR Agricultural Institute, Powell River Museum, 
    Vanderkamps, Staples, Canadian Tire, Rural Septic Systems, Economy Rentals, Rona, Quality Foods, Safeway, Save-on foods, Credit Union 

thankyouMembers10 hour club Recent Working Members with over 10 hours accumulated in past  year. 

        •  Dan-Lynda Parsons    Mike Lister
  •  Geoff Stubbs
  • Dave Florence           Hans-Carol Maurer                    
  •   Rob Clark               Stephen James
  • Bob Johnson             Leif Bjornson   
  • Laurie Benner          Collen Wilson                     
  • Phil Kemp                           Nikita Johnson                         
  • Ron Hunter                          Doug-Melanie Lott                                             

opportunities to become a sponsor or memberopportunities to become a sponsor or member

membership application/donation 


PRFHS' relationship to the Forestry Museum is similar that of "Friends of the Library" to the PR Public Library.

(Donations marked for the "Forestry Museum" through us are sent to the PR Historical Museum for support of the Forestry Museum. Donations direct to the PR Historical Museum are also encouraged.)

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