We enjoyed Arts Alive in the Park, Willingdon Beach Aug 15/16, 2015: a demonstration of use of the cedar tree by Betty Wilson, a Tla’amin Nation elder and cedar root weaver at 1:30 Sunday, along with Ron Hunter carving axes for the kids.


Betty WilsonBetty is a former teacher at School District 47; a researcher and recorder of traditional ways; and a Tla’ amin language practitioner.  She is interested in and contributes to all aspects of the traditional life of her community.  She developed a language curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 12 that is taught in local schools and accepted at Simon Fraser University and the University of Victoria.  She works with Tla’amin community fluent speakers to help maintain the language, including some revitalization and recording of words in a to-be-published dictionary. 

 The early-bird draw for the seal head sculpture on the right was at be at 4 pm; winner was Holly Coombs of Powell River.

A wonderful weekend at Arts Alive in the Park! 2014  A 1 minute video is below;  more photos here