•   SawfishYears:  2000 - present  
  • Activity: Underwater Harvesting Specialist 
  • Activity: Harvesting Contractor; doing development/testing in Powell River   
  • Links:    http://www.tritonlogging.com/  

 located in the Lois Landscape unit

Comments: maintains a barge on Lois Lake for future develpment testing; last active here in 2005. 
                  Logging and Sawmill Journal published this story in 2004 (click)



Triton Logging Inc., based in Sannichton, BC is a world class underwater harvesting specialist that did its development testing in Lois Lake circa 2003. It operates globally, with no current north american operations due to market pricing.

Sawfish: a tethered, electric-over-hydraulic, remote-operated vehicle that’s the size of a minivan, with a 55 in. chainsaw to harvest trees 328 ft. below the surface. Because waterlogged wood does not float, the Sawfish attaches and inflates air bags that lift the cut logs to the surface for collection.

SHARC: a barge-based harvester for shallow depths.   Learn more at  http://www.tritonlogging.com/ or watch the Youtube video below.

 ...from the Peak article in 2010:   "Powell River is Triton’s operations and technology development centre, said Hayhurst. The company mostly uses Lois Lake as a testing area, he added, and it remains important to Triton because it is such an accessible reservoir. “Most of our activities this coming year will be focused on Ghana, but we’ll continue to develop and test our equipment in Powell River.” Triton has a barge near Lois Lake Dam.

Logging and Sawmill Journal published this story in 2004 (click)